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October 8, by Hedy Damari Add to shortlist. October 7, by Hedy Damari Add to shortlist. Wellbeing Your weekly horoscopes, October 6 - 13 Free weekly horoscope for each star sign from renowned astrologer Kelli Fox. October 6, by Kelli Fox Add to shortlist. You also might decide to let go of stress that could be affecting your well-being.

Tonight: Togetherness is the theme.

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You could realize that you would rather just take some time off. Be a couch potato, if that makes you happy.

Mars Square Jupiter Wednesday September 11th 2019 - True Sidereal Astrology

You might be bored soon enough, but you also will be well rested. Tonight: Indulge yourself. LEO July Aug. You know what you need.

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Find a fun friend and start the process. You might be confused about a situation; release it for now.


Over-indulging is OK as long as you know when enough is enough. Tonight: Lead the party! Decide to do nothing and stay close to home. Whether you take a nap, watch some TV or read a book makes no difference, as long as you are able to relax. Tonight: Happily at home.

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Her malefics, or evil planets, are concentrated in his sun sign, Leo. It means she's going to be unlucky for him in some way.

Horoscope for Saturday, 7/27/19 by Christopher Renstrom - Times Union

She's going to have trouble with the people who work for her. Quigley sees Neptune, the planet of scandal, hovering over Washington in the next two years. She's going to have to testify before Congress in May or June. May is going to be just bloody for them. The astrologer also sees "some pluses" in Hillary's chart.

Mark Beart, a native of France and a member of the American Federation of Astrologers, agrees that President Clinton's positive relationship with the universe appears to have evaporated. When he was 46, it was the best year of his life. His planets were fantastic.

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When he moved to 47, he was still very lucky. Beart says. I don't think it's coming from him; it's coming from the whole setup. The universe is not helping him as much. Long story short, I see a lot of confusion around him at this point.

Beart is fuzzy about what happens in '96, but he predicts Mr. Clinton will "pick up very nicely" between the ages of 55 and I asked Patricia McLaine, a psychic and astrologer who has worked with senators, congressmen and cabinet members, to do a tarot reading. The cards did not look much brighter than the stars. There are two Mars cards in the House of Marriage, which means there's a lot of contention there.

There's something upsetting about a sibling, the Nine of Swords card, someone in the South.