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Similar kind of good results is given by other celebrated sages also. Reason being is the evolution of society, sage Parashar exists years ago and dynamics of society was very simple at that time. During Parashar times anything different used to considered as bad and people used to stick to traditional values. Veepreet in Hindi means obstacles and in layman language, Veepreet Rajyoga means victory or gains after initial struggles. Here the concept of negative plus negative equal to positive can be applied.

Following points were observed practically on Veepreet Rajyoga. Now since it is Veepreet Rajyoga there have to be some negative results which in this case is bad health. Harsha yoga makes one win court cases especially when 6th house lord is placed in 8th house because 6th house is a house of allegations and when placed in the 8th house it tends to destroy the negative significations of the 6th house. Both these results can be seen in the Horoscope of Salman Khan.

He is suffering from nerve pain in the face which is considered as worse pain that can happen to human and same time he was never found guilty in any of criminal case against him. Like in the case of politicians most of the time one enjoys the unexpected benefits of his competitor.

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For more examples of Harsha yoga, you check horoscope of Mother Theresa. In her horoscope also she enjoyed work for unprivileged people which comes under the 6th house. Sarala yoga, when formed by placement of 8th lord in 6th house, gives very fame by defeating enemies but same time makes one gives wounds or injury by them. Sarala yoga is found in the horoscope of rebels and powerful kings or in other words Sarala yoga native found to have power in society.

She is of Pisces ascendant and 8th lord Venus is in 12th house which creates a strong Vipreet Rajyoga. She gained a prominent position in her Venus subperiod but same time lost her Father also.

Vipreet Rajyoga

Jupiter in Pisces 8th house. Dear Sir, In my birth chart Aquarius lagna, in sixth house moon, in eightth house mercury and saturn… is it a Vipareetha raja yoga or not sir…. Helo am interested to be an actor…. Hello sir my date of birth is 05july pm is there any raaj yoga or veeparit raj yoga in my kundali plz help me for this Thanks and regards Rb pandey. Saturn in 2nd House no. Saturn and Sun are also opposite each other and will affect each other depending on the degrees. The closer to degrees, the more the effect would be. Saturn in 12th house: This indicates desire for privacy and avoiding from social contact.

Positive Saturn makes person work towards upliftment of poor on in such activities. Therefore, this antardasha is likely to signify foreign trips and change of place. Ketu is trying to get enlightenment. Its job in 12th house is to rise above daily chores and go look for moksha. Saturn is responsibility and discipline, but still cause denial of pleasures.

So overall effect will be of conflict and confusion on the spiritual side of it, but will still work together against social contact. One more thing, this will also cause disinterest in earning money. I had lots of trouble in my career for past 7 year.. My birth star is Ashlesha nakshara.. Birth place is salem, tamil nadu. Birth time pm ist… tell about.. Venus in pices 6th house. Can u please predict and explain. Gaurav Puri Shivpuri M. My name is charulata ramesh mohale my date of birth is 10sep Dear sir, My lagan is taorus. My 8 lord jupetur in 12 house And 12 lord mars in 8 house.

Both planet swithing houses. So is it viprit raj yog Gaurav parashar Dob My lagan kark, Saturn is in scorpion rashi placed at 5th house. Do you have any detail for that. Also Mercury is in 5th house. Is it vipareeta Raja yoga? I born 11th Jan in the morning about 7AM, so many hardships faced during my life from the beginning, I achieved good stage i. My dob is 30 may Tob is pob is gondal gujrat. So can you say me is vipreet rajyoga is available in my kundli? My date of birth August 25 P. I am one of those who has Jupiter sitting in 8th house and 8th house Saturn sitting in 12th house of mercury with mercury!!!

Right now going thru the worst phase of my life.. Reeling under depression. Will be glad to know if there is anything positive at all in my charts.

My date of birth is 25 august and birth time is P. My birth place is Faizabad in state of u. Kindly tell me that what is the result of vipreet raj yog in my personal life. Birth place is Bareilly UP. Kindly let me that what is the result of vipreet raj yoga in my life. Date of birth: Place of birth: delhi Time of birth: a. Please follow this link for Contact and Consultation. Your email is used for verification purposes only, it will never be shared.


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Previous Next. Comment by v. Name : S. Comment by Ranjeet Singh on May 24, at pm For Gemini ascendant Saturn is a functional benefic owning the 9th house which is a mooltrikona and 8th house. Comment by Jitendra on August 30, at am If Moon for aquarius lagna is in 12th Capricorn and Mars combust Sun in 6th house, But it is pournima moon with Rahu in lagna does it make vipreeta raj yoga of moon.

Comment by Ritu on July 17, at pm Hello, Greetings! God Bless! Regards, Ritu.

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Comment by later on September 22, at pm Hello, Greetings! Comment by bhavesh on May 17, at pm In my birth chart lord of 8th house is Saturn and it is in his own house …thus creating viparita Sarla Raja Yoga…can you please tell me is it strong or week and when the results should be expected. Combining all these Yogas in their prevalent form, the world will be full of kings or king like people and there will be no subjects.

It is obvious that this is not happening in reality. This leads us to one very important question as to whether there is anything called Vipreet Raj Yoga in reality or it is just a misconception which was born due to some coincidental but untrue observations of some astrologers. I have analyzed the horoscopes of thousands of natives who are having such Vipreet Raj Yogas in their horoscopes according to the prevalent definition of this Yoga, but most of them have not witnessed anything significantly good in their lives, even till their ages of 50 to 60 years.

On the contrary, many of them are having serious problems like diseases, debts, disrespect, accidents, short lifespan, danger from law, police and enemies; poverty or extreme poverty, engagement in criminal activities, long prison sentences, disturbed marriages, one or more than one broken marriage, disturbed family lives, late marriages or no marriages in some cases and many other kinds of bad results which lie on the opposite spectrum of luck. These opposite type of results give me solid reasons to doubt the formation of such Vipreet Raj Yoga in a horoscope in the first place.

However, I have also seen some horoscopes which are supposed to have some type of Vipreet Raj Yoga in them and these natives are actually enjoying the benefic results of such Vipreet Raj Yogas in different spheres of their lives with different quantum, depending on their overall horoscopes. After years of research and after the study of thousands of such cases, I have been able to find the additional conditions which must meet in a horoscope, in order for any type of Vipreet Raj Yoga to form in such horoscope, apart from the primary condition mentioned for the formation of this Yoga.

Vipareeta raja yoga rules:

This has been explained by me many times that a good Yoga is a positive phenomenon and accordingly; a positive planet or more than one positive planet should be involved in its formation. Hence the first additional condition for the formation of any type of Vipreet Raj Yoga in a horoscope is that the planet forming such Yoga should be positive in the horoscope. Looking at the second condition, it has once again been mentioned by me many times that even in case of positive or negative planets; only those planets are capable of effectively forming good or bad Yogas, which possess a good level of activity in the horoscopes under consideration.

The level of activity of a planet is the characteristic which decides how active or passive that planet is in a horoscope. For example, if the lord of sixth house is placed in the eighth house of that horoscope and it is positive in nature but it is not very active in the horoscope and it is only giving passive results, Vipreet Raj Yoga will not be formed in the horoscope, though the first two conditions are meeting. This is because of the reason that due to its passive nature, this planet though positive in nature, is not likely to work much and accordingly it is not likely to produce significant results.

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Accordingly, no Vipreet Raj Yoga may be formed in the horoscope as the planet involved in the formation of this Yoga may be incapable of working in the required manner and hence it may be incapable of producing significant results. Hence in order for Vipreet Raj Yoga to be formed in a horoscope, the planet forming this Yoga must possess a healthy level of activity as otherwise, this Yoga may only show in the horoscope and not in the life of the native.

Have you ever wondered why some very rich, famous or influential people have achieved such big things in their lives, though their horoscopes look similar to the horoscopes of many other people who have not been able to accomplish much in their lives? The answer to this question lies in this factor called level of activity and let me elaborate it with the help of an example. This native may come across some chances of achieving a post of authority in the house of government during his lifetime, but none of these chances may materialize and he may miss out on all of them due to one reason or the other.

For example, he may come across some opportunities to grab power through politics, but he may miss out on them. As a result, this native may try for a post of authority in the government and he may get it. However, it should be noted that this native is likely to get a post of reasonable authority and not a post of high authority due to the reason that Harsha Yoga formed in this case is not very strong.

For instance, if this native achieves such authority through politics, he may become a member of legislative assembly of a state.

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Accordingly, this native may get selected for a post of high authority in government. If this native gets such post of authority in government through politics, he may become a minister in a state government. As a result, this native may get blessed with a post of very high authority in government. For instance, if this native enters politics, he may get blessed with the post of a minister in national government or he may become the chief minister of a state.

You see, how the entire horoscopes of all these four natives may look the same, which means all the planets in these horoscopes may be placed in the same houses as well as in the same signs, but the results may still be different. The reason for such different results experienced by these four natives having Vipreet Raj Yoga in their horoscopes is the level of activity of the lord of sixth house forming such Vipreet Raj Yoga, which decides the strength of this Yoga in their horoscopes.

It is easy to understand that whether good or bad in nature, a person or an organization is not capable of producing significant positive or negative results, if it is not active.