2 november horoscope for sagittarius

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What kind of Aries are you? Explore if you are dominated by your sunsign or moonsign Play now. Take Quiz. You might also like. View All. Sagittarius Daily Horoscope Matters concerning family bonds will keep you occu Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope - The week is likely to start with you taking a daun Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope Oct You will be restless in terms of your personal lif Sagittarius Yearly Horoscope Sagittarius in , is going to witness the ebb a Yuvraj Singh Yuvraj Singh and Hazel Keech make for a wonderful and cute pair and no one can deny this fact.

Type your question here… Please Ask one specific question and provide relavant details In case of multiple questions, only the first will be answered. Born between November 23 and December 2 When a person is born between November 23 and December 2, their planetary ruler is Jupiter. Born between December 3 and December 12 The people born between December 3 and December 12 have their planetary ruler as Mars.

This planet imparts energy, enthusiasm and a love of life. This Sagittarius native would be impulsive and always in a hurry. They like to take on more responsibilities. They also can be very assertive and restless. They are very clear about what they want in life, and will act decisively to get it.

However, these people tend to get bored easily, which makes them yearn for variety. They acquire a workable proficiency in many trades but are unable to master any one of them. They love challenges, and are spontaneous.

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Though they are open in their dealings, they can sometimes to be too harsh. Born between December 13 and December 21 For people born between December 13 and December 21, the planetary ruler is Sun. Born in this Decan, this person would be instinctive, impressive, accurate and truthful. They are careful and cautious in their dealings, which makes them good at negotiating.

They tend to succeed in achieving their goals with boldness and aggressiveness. Those born under this influence are attractive. They do not shy away from taking risks. They are warm and friendly, qualities which endear them to people in their circle. They love publicity and like to be in the spotlight constantly. Therefore, they succeed as actors, entertainers or even lawyers. On the other hand, though, these people lack a broad outlook, it is difficult for them to gauge the reactions of other people. Since the Sun is their ruler, a solar eclipse can have a lot of influence on their lives by evoking the fear of the unknown.

Saturn is in your cash house for your Sagittarius horoscope. You could even take a low-interest loan out. This is a time to take stock of your possessions and protect them. You also might want to do a great clear out and sell off old stock or belongings. Selling anything very large like a house might not be the best choice at this time, but clearing out old clothes or furniture on eBay is fine.

Even making minimum profit tells the universe that you want to create room for growth further down the line.

The Jan 31 Lunar Eclipse c ould throw up a situation, like say we are on a bus that breaks down, where we get talking to someone much older than us with a totally opposing worldview. This can prompt us to question our beliefs and look into them further, maybe even taking a degree course in something related to the discussion. Whatever the scenario, this Lunar eclipse shows how much you have outgrown any restricting parochial attitudes.

The Feb 15 Solar Eclipse could be a time when you become quite obsessed with a new topic which completely changes the way you write or communicate. Great strides in your mental capabilities can occur at this time. This is also the zone of siblings and old school friends, so the eclipse might bring some unexpected re-connections. If you have not seen each other for a while, the friendship could be renewed. On the other hand, you might finally make the break from a classmate that you have long outgrown. On Jan 26 Mars enters your sign. You are super-ambitious and have a no holds bars approach to life right now.

Mainly it is about looking after number one and being quite selfish, or even ruthless at this time. Consideration and teamwork are not your strong points at the moment, but at least strong leadership is. Even if you do come across as quite bossy, if you take control in a confident, capable manner you can be quite impressive and will win many admirers.

Saturn is great for weeding out junk. Keeping large amounts of items that have no use or sentimental value just attracts spiders and dead energy. By giving to charity or selling stuff on eBay, you move the energy for others to enjoy. If you suffer from low self-esteem, then this transit is invaluable in terms of looking within and getting some support from older wiser, mentors.

These folk can guide you towards people and pastimes that make you feel good about yourself, rather than feeling unworthy. Jupiter is still in your mystical 12th house. If you are the sort of person that needs to do something with this nebulous, fog of a transit, then perhaps go on a retreat to somewhere where you can do nothing. This period will be the ultimate in navel-gazing, so going to an Indian Ashram or a Buddhist silent retreat would be perfect.

Because of her retrograde, Ceres spends extra time in Leo from the beginning of the year until the end of this season. For you at this time then, t he outdoor connection is vital for downloading ancient knowledge that has been lost. This will help you tune into your own higher self. Using sacred herbs may also appeal, though this is not necessary.

This lasts until Jun Black Moon Lilith will transit through your cash house until Aug You may seek consolation in your partner, but if their affection is not forthcoming or fulfilling, then their stingy grass may prompt you into looking for greener grass elsewhere. The appeal of forbidden fruit may prove irresistible as one tries to fill the void. Otherwise fillers such as drink, street drugs or anti-depressants may beckon at this time. The Jul 13 Solar Eclipse falls in the deep crevices of your forbidden psyche. We all know what happens when a dank part of the house gets ignored.

Spiders, mold and other nasties take hold and eventually start eating into the actual wall. The longer we leave it, the more frightening the prospective scum build-up becomes. The Solar Eclipse comes just in time, before it gets too disgusting a job to even contemplat e. The Jul 27 Lunar Eclipse lights up your Hogwarts classroom zone. There is also the possibility of creating your own personal rituals and spiritual practice after becoming disappointed by traditional monotheistic religions.

A lunar eclipse in the house of the goddess has a very pagan feel to it. It is about constructing your own elemental shrine in your garden as opposed to worship in a grand cathedral. This means that ways of thinking that are holding you back and are negative have got to go.

Give your brain a total reboot. Turn everything on its head by listening to media that is quite the opposite of what you usually take in. Purposely seek those who think the complete opposite of you so that you can have interesting debates. That way you can test out whether your own opinions can stand up to interrogation.

Mars Retrograde in the house of communication means that sometimes you will simmer with rage at someone who has pushed your buttons for a very long time before you hit back, and when you do, you will tend to just vomit out a personal attack. The Aug 11 Solar Eclipse in your house of philosophy could trigger a crisis in morals and ethics. You will be prompted to address your life code and the standards you live by. Study is not simply about gaining qualifications to further your career Though this is a pleasant side effect.

Mars regresses back into your money bags zone on Aug 13 and goes direct on Aug Money has a habit of burning a hole in your pocket during this time.

You have a long period where you can actually choose to make investments work for you however. During the retrograde you can strategically plan your business moves for when Mars is direct. Its all about strategy and patience and you can achieve a lot with mars here if you learn how to reign in greedy impulses. You could encounter a person or life-changing situation through a simple bus journey or bumping into someone in a coffee shop. Local journeys will feel more supernatural than usual.

While Lilith is flitting around this sector you may feel more liberated than usually and it will be impossible to pin you down. The Oct 6 Venus Retrograde travels through your mystical house of self-undoing! The only way this devoted energy can work at a personal level is if your partner becomes ill and really needs you to look after them for a while. This could be payback time from when they supported you in the past. When love is given totally unconditionally, then this Venus retrograde can be really fulfilling.

It can transmit a higher soul love that radiates much further out than just the couple in question. Another great way to use this energy is to go on some sort of artistic retreat where you are taken away from the modern world. There you will have yourself and your paints.

It is a good time to make the unconscious, conscious by letting it spill itself onto a blank page. During the first half of this period from Oct 6 to 26 , Venus in her harmonious, Hesperus phase will probably produce some beautiful, ethereal art if you are so inclined. Otherwise you will naturally gravitate towards beautiful healing environments. Venus reverses back into your friendship house from Nov 1 to Venus in her Lucifer phase is more likely to over-do the party animal behavior. Ceres also joins the witches coven that is howling at the moon in your 12 th house from Nov 11 until Dec While Ceres is here, the veil thins between all dimensions.

You will want to silence the noise of the modern world or you could become overwhelmed. In the quiet void then, you are able to receive the pure divine guidance of your higher self and not get interference from trickster sprites. Mars enters your important foundational 4 th house. There is much pride for your family at this time. Events occur where you can get together with extended family and feel empowered by your shared blood. You have a huge amount of energy to give to your children or other family descendants.

This means that you set aside time for activities and adventure together. The important thing is putting energy into having fun with your family in places that give you a feeling of connection both with the earth and each other. Cue fan fair! Jupiter enters your own sign on Nov 8. With this bursting enthusiasm, you naturally will feel optimistic. All things are possible for you since there are no demoralising mistakes being made yet. In terms of relationships, this is a honeymoon period.

Hope springs eternal as you learn new things about yourself in relationships.

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However this is not a time where you will want to make a romantic commitment, because for now you just want to experiment. Too much pushing from a partner may result in you bolting out the back door towards freedom. You are one of the decans that has very sparse outer planet transits this year. None of the eclipses effect your decan at all and just one of the Mercury retrogrades aspects you.

If you are reading this for your Sun I suggest that you look at your rising sign too as this will give you a far more complete picture of the year ahead. This might not be the most memorable year of your life, but there is a nice surprise at the end.

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You have the extremely impressive entrance of your ruler, lucky Jupiter, entering your sign. This is fantastic as it gives you something to look forward to, plus Jupiter will be working at the strength of a watt lightbulb in the sign that it rules. This is also your own Jupiter return, the start of a whole new year cycle. So this whole year is a build up to what is coming. Think of everything as being an overture of what is to come.